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How It Works


Thank you for choosing Clear Slate Financial for your needs in the Tampa Bay area for credit restoration. Clear Slate Financial uses advanced strategies and prominent dispute methods to ensure maximal results in restoring your credit. We look forward to improving your credit rating as quickly as possible. Explore How the Clear Slate Financial process works below. 

Usually, the credit bureaus take 30 days to review, investigate, and verify the negative marks if they are accurate. Within this period, things might get a bit tricky since the bureaus might remove all or some of the negative marks in your credit report. If they did, there will be a noticeable improvement in your credit score.

However, it may only be temporary. The negative entries in the report might go back once the investigation found out that they are all accurate since as much as possible they want to keep everything in their record. Lastly, the credit bureaus may refuse to process the investigation of a credit report if they determine that the dispute is frivolous.

During this process, we will make sure to monitor and update you on the progress.


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